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Rent a Car in Bulgaria

rent a car bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country that can be visited by all types of people, so those who want a beach vacation or amateur sports season and for those passionate about traditions, culture and history.


Located in the eastern half of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is a beautiful country, from the Black Sea coast, the imposing mountains to fertile plains, the villages Catcher in Roman remains. Although the country is a less visited than Greece or Turkey, Bulgaria attracts with its Mosques, rustic villages, churches and folk paintings. Continental climate with hot summers and dry, when most people retire to the Black Sea shores and mild winters, which offers ideal conditions for skiing.


During summer, visitors who are not on the beach, will certainly find bike paths arranged a distance of 37,000 km, crossing national parks and national reserves. Sofia is a modern and lively capital. It is a destination for young (but not only) eager for entertainment and parties.


Once in Sofia, you know the city starting with a walk on Vitosha Boulevard, an area flirtatious, devoted mainly to shopping, then you will definitely stop to enjoy a coffee in downtown are over 300 cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs, waiting to serve their customers. You can continue with a visit to the gardens surrounding the Palace of Culture, a favorite place of leisure for most people.


Also, Parliament Square is an impressive place as Alexander Nevsky church. As tourist attractions, there are many historical sites and winter resorts: Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo. Other resorts: Nessebar, Sozopol and Varna are located on the coast of the Black Msrii and are very popular in summer. Balciceste a quiet town, located on the Black Sea in Bulgaria, about 60 km from Vama Veche. In the city of Balchik is quiet nest castle was the favorite residence of Queen Marie of Romania. The castle is beautiful because it is surrounded by a botanical garden, as the famous, unique in Central and Eastern Europe, mainly due to collection of cactusi.


Pentru time, the town was called White City because around or white hills are found. In fact, the whole shore was told the same reasons, the Silver Coast. A well-known city is Nesebar "Golden Sands", situated on a small rocky peninsula connected to shore by a narrow isthmus. It is the largest tourist resort in the North Sea coast. Nesebar was very important economic city, merchant.


Organized shore excursions in Bulgaria are very appreciated Pirates cruise or visit to Nessebar, an ancient town well preserved. Golden Sands became the capital of tourism on the coast of Bulgaria. Hotels, November, 4 and 5 stars, offers the best conditions for spending a vacation dream of vacations. Albena is a resort on the Black Sea coast, where sea meets sand. The resort is for all ages, with a large strip of sand cristalina.Albena, has a beach 6 km, and is located 30 km of maritime capital of Bulgaria, Varna city. The resort offers over 14,900 accommodations in 43 hotels (2 and 4 stars), placed on the seaside or in the hills close, with breathtaking views of sea and National Reserve "Baltica".


Varna is a city in eastern Bulgaria, situated on the west coast of the Black Sea. It is an important seaport and resort. Varna is called "maritime capital of Bulgaria", as is the biggest Bulgarian coastal city. Varna has also long the Bulgarian Navy. Now, here is the Naval Museum. Two major tourist attractions are Cape Kaliakra, and town of Nessebar. Nessebar is the city and tourist resort in the Bourgas region of Bulgaria, situated about 120 km south of Balchik. It is located on a peninsula long and 850 m wide by 350 m, which is reached by an isthmus.


During its long existence, has lost 1 / 3 of the territory being covered by the sea. Under water at 80 meters distance from shore, can still see the remains of fortress walls. Now is preserved only the western wall of the gate, defending the city of continent.Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city has retained importance as a port. In 1956 the town was proclaimed an architectural and archaeological reserve. The ruins of ancient fortified walls, the churches of sec. V-VI, the preserved century. X-XI, from the medieval period and the 60 town houses from the Renaissance period and now give a very special atmosphere. You can find four very rich museums: Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum, St. Stephen's Church which contains frescoes dry period. XVII and XIX Church St. Spas, which contains frescoes of the century. XVII.


One of the Bulgarian traditions is Trifon Zarezan on February 14, the ancient festival of wine. Cattle are cut and sprinkled with wine to ensure a harvest as buna.Pe 1 March Bulgarians celebrate and they Martisor called Martenitsi, but one small change: when people see their first stork gate Martisor Martisor be linked to the nearest tree. Koprivshtitsa International Folk Festival, held once every 5 years, about 4,000 finalists participating in the competition for awards. At another biennial festival held in Pernik, participants, wearing traditional costumes and masks, dancing to remove evil spirits and ensure a plentiful harvest. Held when winter turns to summer, Bulgarian Kukeri is another festival, celebrated with zeal in the Rodopi mountains.


Rose Festival is celebrated with folk songs in Kazanlak and Karlovo on the first Sunday of June. For all these reasons, Bulgaria is the ideal place for leisure, because, certainly you come back with good memories, but also with unique souvenirs.


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