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Rent a Car UK - England

rent a car uk


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

  • - Form of government: constitutional monarchy
  • - Area: 244,110 km 2 (130,447 kilometers England 2, Scotland 78,775 kilometers 2,
  • - 20,768 kilometers Wales 2 Northern Ireland 14,120 km 2)
  • - Population: 59,512,000 inhabitants
  • - 80% Anglo-Saxon, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Indians, Pakistanis, etc.
  • - Official language: English
  • - Other languages spoken: French (official Ins. Norman), Gaelic (official in Wales)
  • - Religion: Anglican (90%), Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh
  • - Capital: London (7,000,000 inhabitants)
  • - Currency: British Pound Sterling



Great Britain is an island nation consisting of several islands in the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding seas, shores are heavily indented with fjords high, rocky, or low bays, sandy and deep estuaries, topography consists of mountains old, dull, of river and coastal plains, in the north, in Scotland, the mountains are part of the plateau: Caledonian orogeny Scotland or Northern Mountains, separated from the rest of the Caledonian Canal, Grampian Mountains (Nevis Peak, 1343 m alt. max.) Mountains, Southern Scotland, to England rises Mountains Penina (Pennine Chain) in Wales, in the west, there are Cambrieni Mountains, south and east of England stretches a sedimentary plain, plain London, Northern Ireland landscape consists of massive granite, the lower altitude, and the narrow coastal plains, in the center there is a hollow, water is short, but have a high flow and are connected by a system of channels: Thames (E), Trent (E), Severn (V), which flows into Bristol Bay, the Thames, like Trent, it flows into the North Sea through a deep estuary, during flow, vessels entering the ocean to London, to Scotland to find lakes Ners and Lomond, and Neagh in Northern Ireland and Eire.



Temperate oceanic, influenced by winds from the west and the warm North Atlantic current (Gulf Stream), winters are mild, with high rainfall and summer temperatures are moderate snow fall mainly in the north, in Scotland, the average temperature 6C is in January, that 22C in July


N and E North Sea, Channel S, W Atlantic, Irish Sea, Ireland United Kingdom Queen contradictory feelings.

Whether you love or ur asti, United Kingdom you can not remain indifferent. Her name itself express grandeur and power, and the monarchy in the world is today associated with the venerable house of Windsor and its representative, Queen Elizabeth II. History and culture of Europe were heavily influenced by the work of this island nation, whose arrogance can be matched only by its own brilliance. United Kingdom has always been a great power, proof booth beautiful baroque cathedral and its host of castles that adorn the shores II. Once the starting point of the industrial revolution, the kingdom is maintained at the head of the world's economic giants. Nowhere in the world is not better-established structures amid modern classic of medieval origin. Current British cities are major industrial centers, but also cultural, urban real ant dependent latest trends in fashion and technology. Beautiful and rich in all respects, United Kingdom Europe remains a charming prom queen, admired and hated in equal measure for its undeniable qualities.

Useful information

- Lodging

United Kingdom offers many accommodation options, from luxury hotels to modest rooms farm or guest houses. All are quite expensive, but prices for hotels are downright exorbitant. Thus, a double room, all taxes paid, costs between 60 and 250 per night. Private houses (bed & breakfast) and those of guests are quite poorly, most of them only one shared bathroom, but the prices vary from 20 to 25 per night. Campsites are no any bargain, they travel season in full with a rate of 5-10 per day. Those who travel by car and want a rural experience can be accommodated on a farm. List of establishments open for this purpose is available at the offices of British tourism. An alternative accommodation is a Youth Hostels (about 350 in the whole country), but college campuses, where rooms are rented only during school holidays.

- Transportation

All European companies have regular flights to London, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Inside, six different airlines provide air transport between major UK cities. International rail network is relatively well developed, but booking is recommended at least one days before the trip. Go with the rest of Europe is done via the Eurotunnel under the English Channel, there are direct flights to Paris (3 o'clock) and Brussels (2 hours 45 min.). Inside the country there are numerous navigable channels that run pleasure boats. The ferry can travel on routes Dover-Calais, Portsmouth-Caen, but Plymouth-Bilbao (Spain) and Newcastle-Bergen (Norway). National Express coaches connects the majority of British villages, is extremely fast and efficient. Tickets are very cheap, but tourists can buy some permits that offers discounts on most flights. Hire cars are expensive in the UK and, anyway, not a solution because all cars in the kingdom have steering wheel on the right and, of course, the traffic is done on the left lane.

- British Calendar

  • January 1 New Year
  • January 2 public holidays in Scotland
  • Good Friday and Easter Monday (from Friday to Sunday in Scotland)
  • Spring festival (the first Monday in May)
  • Celebration of spring (the last Monday in May)
  • Summer holiday (the last Monday in August)
  • 25-26 December Christmas

- Holy laziness British

Although very hard as a nation, the British and they naravurile their bad. Thus, some accommodation establishments, of less importance, it is possible to close the gates for 10 days during the winter holidays and even weeks, between July-August. To not have surprises, it's good to be interested in time and how to book early.

- Accommodation category swagger

For those who afford, United Kingdom offers an original version and expensive accommodations: the historic buildings. More local tourism organizations have specialized in renting this category of visitor spaces with hand release. Appealing to them, you can spend holidays in a Gothic temple, inside an old lighthouse on the seashore or in a luxurious apartment in Hampton Court Palace.

- Best sellers in the parking lot

Traffic on the reverse is not the only British challenge. Parking in big cities of the kingdom is a real nightmare. Automated parking is very difficult to find and expensive as hell. Also, beware of yellow stripes on the road! One only designate parking ban during the day, and a stationary double failure. In the capital of the phenomenon is so dramatic that caused the publication of a London parking guide, available against payment of 4.99 in the main libraries of the city.


- Dominion Gourmet

Mainland Europe retaliated by accusing him of the kingdom island kitchen has a mediocre and unimaginative. The truth is that nobody does Gourmet Tourism in Britain, but the accusation is exaggerated. Being composed of three different countries, the archipelago has an extremely varied cuisine, enriched by foreign influences without number. The Romans brought me cabbage and peas, along with sweet cherries and especially wine. Vikings have taught the Anglo-Saxons as dry and pickle fish, and the Normans came here with the good habit of eating beef. Expanding colonies generated here in a real frenzy of spices. Moreover, the present United Kingdom is studded restaurants of all types, tourists can also order from Continental Cuisine (Italian or french) to Asian specialties (Chinese and especially Indian).

- Lexical ambiguity

Few are truly English specialties. The basis remains a traditional breakfast, very substantial, consisting of scrambled eggs with ham or beans with sausage. Specific kingdom is tea, brought from India or Ceylon (present Sri Lanka), which the British used it daily, usually at noon, sometimes with milk or lemon. All the local and the famous fish & chips are respectively over hot fried in oil bath with fries, all wrapped in paper. If Scottish salmon are given in the wind after the English prefer lamb, especially spring. Pies are very popular in the kingdom, being prepared both sweet and salty (with meat or cheese). British favorite dessert pudding lies in the most famous of them owing to his reputation of lexical ambiguity: spotted dick, a pudding of cream or egg white foam with raisins, has a double meaning, gastronomic and sexual opportunity is often derision at Islander.

- Drinks Skirts

Paradoxically, the best drinks in the islands is not English. The superb beer comes from Ireland, usually stout or porter (black, fermented malt at a relatively high temperature). In terms of alcohol, Scottish are those who set the tone. Whiskey is made from single grains of barley and malt, but also from various other grains, being out of date a few years in a row in oak barrels. Most varieties sold in the world today are mixed (blended).

- American Declaration of Independence

At present, in the world there are two main types of whiskey. Most popular in Europe's Scotch, originally, obviously, in Scotland. It appears that Americans have developed a phobia of their English ancestors, tilting the balance in favor drink today called bourbon, a whiskey prepared from a mixture of grain containing not less than 51% maize and obsolete at least two years in barrels oak.

- Victims of mad cow

It is not known to what extent contributed mad cow disease in British eating habits change, but it is certain that in 2003 in the kingdom were between 3 and 4 million vegetarians, which is one of the largest percentage of Western Europe. In addition, 7 million to maintain that they do not mouth or under threat of death on any variety of red meat. For this reason, virtually no shops or restaurants that do not offer customers vegetarian dishes.

- Equal, but not dog

Bad mouths say that English is the perfect illustration of the fable dog and puppy. Originally nobles, and bourgeoisie enrich the industrial revolution, is lafaiau in wealth and ate all sorts of delicacies, while it is fighting poverty around the empire, literally, starving. Dramatic appropriate Irish died during British rule ends, unable to feed many Catholic families.

London monarchy in power

For Continental, London could be defined by a few words: Big Ben, Thames, Lady Di, possibly BBC. But the British spirit is much more complex. Gloria a great empire was translated today by the triumph of the monarchy on modern republic. British tabloid's main stars are the stars of cinema, but royalty. And visit the city they live in Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and involve minimal interference with them. Everything in London is tied to the monarchy. Westminster Abbey were crowned most kings of England since William the Conqueror, in 1066, and here were buried. Also, there took place the funeral of Princess Diana of Wales. Buckingham Palace, royal residence, daily presents a special performance: changing guard. Tower of London and it is included in group monarchical palaces, there is currently keeping its precious jewels of the crown.

- The two Londons

The boundaries of the same great city in hiding, in fact, two different towns. One is the old City of London, the capital of an ancient empire, where every building seems to tell a story. The other is New London, one of the main industrial centers, financial and commercial world today. Capital of Great Britain requires good days if not weeks, to be discovered. If you do not have only a limited holiday, you set your priorities from the start, because many are matters worthy of depth in the city on the Thames. History lovers should turned his steps towards Westminster, where they are grouped most British monuments, especially those concerning the monarchy. Love of art can be extinguished or not, turn worse by visiting the famous British Museum, quoted immediately after the Louvre and the Hermitage before. Sport side is tied to names like Wembley or Wimbledon. For shopping, there are stores known as Barkers and Harrods, but sales centers of local milliner, highly rated internationally.

- Sterling Way to Prosperity

Currency British pound sterling (), is one of the strongest currencies in the world, with 1 being equivalent to about 1.5 euros, ie 1.85 USD. Pound Sterling is divided into 100 subunits called pence. It is available on the market in coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 pence respectively 1 and 2 and in notes 5, 10, 20 and 50.

- Criteria for calculating monetary

London is divided into six sectors, depending on which charges are calculated for public transport. Zone 1 covers the city center and is fully covered both the surface and underground. Bus travel in this area is 1. For a road in other areas, is paying 0.70. It's also good to know that the fine for those without a ticket or passport is inadequate 10.

- London tube sliding

The British capital is more practical to transport by rail (also known as The Tube). If you stay longer in London, would be better to buy a passport (Travelcard) available both on the surface lines, and on the ground. Its price varies depending on the number of days and areas covered, as follows: 5,30-10,50 - for a day 16,20-36,90 - for one week.

- Buckingham Palace

Ultimate symbol of London and the British monarchy, Buckingham Palace became a royal residence not only in 1837 when Queen Victoria moved here from Kensington Palace. Situated on the famous promenade end of the Mall, the building is now home and the main center of activity of the entire family of Windsor. Who has the luck to get in his face shortly before 11:30, perhaps watch a particular show: changing the guard. Army with red tunics and hats of bear fur are known for their sobriety. Recently, fur cap fastuoasele were substituted by synthetic environmental reasons. Buckingham Palace festivities include 19 rooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms. Monarchs apartments are located in the north wing, and between August and early October, when the royal family left the building, the rooms are open for public holidays.

- Palace of Westminster

Known as the Palace of Parliament (where it carries out its activity the two Houses of the legislature of Lords and the Commons that), it is one of the main tourist attractions of London. Clock Tower, facing Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey and known by everyone as the Big Ben, is emblematic of the British capital, covered virtually all the city's tourist leaflets. Initially, this palace was built on the site, since XI century, one of the royal residences. Were preserved in the Jewel Tower, built in 1365 as cash for Edward III, and Westminster Hall, a majestic reception hall with wooden ceiling. The rest of the building was destroyed in 1834, a devastating fire, was rebuilt in Gothic style by the architect Augustus Pugin. In these new bodies are kept of meetings of the British Parliament Palace. The most beautiful view is that in the south of the Thames, especially at night, when buildings in the complex are bright fairy Westminster.

- London in prices

Although the British capital's citizens is probably invaluable for tourists it is a real curse budget. We ignore the dignity of company stores in commercial districts of the city, stopping us at the following price categories: 2 a cup of coffee, a glass of beer 1.8-2.2, a glass of wine 2-4, a juice 80 p-1, 5, 1,75-3,5 a ham sandwich, 1 km of road traveled by taxi 1.5.

- Financial Programs artistic

Banks are open in London between 9:30 and 16:30, in working days. Some financial establishments extend its program Thursday, working long hours, and others including open their gates on Saturday morning. Museums usually receive guests from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:00-17:00 hours. Some are open Sunday afternoon, but absolutely all of them one day off per week.

- Activities Table

United Kingdom is a vast and heterogeneous country, the rules are difficult to establish. But most locals take between 7:30 and 9:00 for breakfast and lunch between 12:00 and 14:00. Tea, a ritual, is served in the interval 16:00-17:30. Dinner takes place sometime between 19:30 and 21:30, but in some areas is replaced by a tea and a snack. In Scotland, it is not unusual to crunch some before and after social events (theater, opera, etc..).

- Westminster Abbey

Situated on the southern side of Parliament Square, Westminster Abbey has been the theater of many events of utmost importance for the British. Here most monarchs were crowned, some sleep-and here sleep forever. As one of the oldest churches of London, Westminster Abbey is a spectacular medieval architecture. It seems that its bases were already released in 1040, when Edward the Confessor was crowned, he moved to Westminster Palace and started to build a place of worship. After his canonization in 1139, many rulers have tried to improve worship, the current form gaining centuries XIII and XIV. Chapel of Henry VII, built in Gothic style and richly decorated, was officially completed at the beginning of the seventeenth century, and the twin towers of the west entrance were added a century later. Westminster Abbey is extremely (some would say overly) rich in tombs, this fashion is developing, it seems, in the eighteenth century. The first occupant of the corner was poet Geoffrey Chaucer, buried here in 1400. Later the church began to commemorate William Shakespeare, William Blake, John Milton, Jane Austen, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth and Charles Dickens. Many of these writers are present but only as an honorific, their remains were buried in various other British places of worship. Main monarchs who sleep the sleep of eternity here are Elizabeth I, Mary Stuart and Henry V.

- Trafalgar Square

This market is considered to be central London, which sanctioned the pleasant installed between the Strand and Charing Cross Road, kilometer zero where all distances are measured official in Britain. Here is the National Gallery, posesoarea one of the largest art collections in the world, and another emblematic monument to English, Nelson's Column, dedicated to one of the most beloved national heroes. Forever busy, Trafalgar Square is a favorite scene for major events such as elections Londoners, the royal family weddings or welcoming the New Year.

- Highlights communist

Although they like about the bourgeois, England and was washed once sins in the eyes of communists triggered in 4.5 decades of the nineteenth century, the Chartist movement, the first action in the history of mass revolutionary workers' organizations. In London lived and worked both Marx (from 1849) and Engels (1870). In fact, Karl Marx is buried in London's Highgate Cemetery.

- A hero Narrows

Horatio Nelson, Viscount and Duke of Bronte (1758-1805), is one of the most popular British admirals. Participant in the Napoleonic wars, was noted in the naval battles of the Abu Qir (1798), which destroyed the French fleet, and Trafalgar (1805), where he defeated a Franco-Spanish fleet, died in battle. A lot of people you know but rather as an admiral with no eyes who had a passionate affair with Lady Emma Hamilton.

- Tears at Westminster Abbey

Funeral took place here, but all England with all my heart cried when Diana, Princess of Wales and also hearts, died on August 31, 1997, in an unfortunate car accident. The official version is that this car hit the wall of Paris Pont d'Alma tunnel while trying to escape the paparazzi some strongly. The vehicle also was and Dodi Al Fayed, the millionaire son of Mohammed al Fayed, owner of the store Harrods among others.

- Apsley House

Known once as a residence no. 1 of London, this house was at a time the most famous address in town. Built by Robert Adam, it was inhabited by the famous Duke of Wellington from 1817 until his death in 1852. Now a museum dedicated to the great British politician, is preserved as once liked Iron Duke. Uniforms and its weapons, its porcelain and art collection are arranged to create an impression as artistic. The exhibit stands a huge statue of the Italian Canova, representing a nude of Napoleon Bonaparte, Duke enemy, happily adorned with a leaf big enough to save the honor. Impressive is the gallery Waterloo, where he was holding an annual banquet in honor of officers participated in this battle. This is an opulent hall with richly carved ceiling, walls coated in red damask and adorned with many classical paintings.

- Downing Street

The dwelling of number 10, although looks quite modest, have both access roads closed with iron gates. It brings far from the White House, but British Prime Minister residence. After Margaret Thatcher and John Major, Tony Blair's turn came to occupy the building, although this is not the main address of his family. Traditionally, the number 11, on the same street, installs UK's finance minister, and the number 12 has operations officer in charge of discipline within the party. Number 10 official hosting British prime minister since 1732. But as they say, for a short while, at the beginning of Tony Blair's office, here he established a chubby cat named Humphrey.

- Residence St. James

Spencer family home, whose representation of honor was Diana of Wales, this house is one of the most beautiful building dating from the eighteenth century London century. It was built in 1766, to Earl Spencer, heir to the first Duke of Marlborough. His passion for antiquity has materialized in front a Doric, with a portico adorned with classical statues.

- Landscapes blurred

About Britain is known to have talent to ameteasca anyone with their style to be complicated. But over two centuries ago were in the streets of London fog as how it can own. The phenomenon is called smog and pacla consists of a dense, mixed with industrial smoke and dust that form in areas with many factories or major urban centers, usually in regions with oceanic climate. Fortunately, this darkness is not harmful to health for some time this sky UK.

- Napoleon Cross

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), British major general and politician, commanded the British forces landed on the Iberian Peninsula. Reputation and has gained a but after the Battle of Waterloo, where he defeated the great Napoleon. Between 1828 and 1830, Wellington has held the position of prime minister of Great Britain.

- Gallery figures iron

British can be proud not only men but also by ... iron lady. That was called Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the most famous woman British politics. In 1959 he entered the British parliament in 1975 was elected leader of the Conservative Party (Tory), and in 1979 he was appointed prime minister. Arrived in Downing Street, Thatcher swept on down with the unions, privatized the national industry, sent a fleet to the Falklands Islands and British society polarized.

- Hyde Park

Together with less extensive St. James' and Green Park, it was part once the hunting grounds of Henry VIII. It is one of the few quiet places in the British capital, except perhaps the mornings of Sunday, when people feel they have something to say meet in the corner orators, located in the north-east of the park. Absolutely anyone can take the word here, telling passers one's soul. Not far from the speakers, towards the southern side of the park, was added to Rotten Row, the former royal hunting path.


- Kensington Palace

Former royal residence, the palace seems to not wear too much luck women who board threshold. It was a simple country house in 1689, when it was bought by William III. It is said that Queen Victoria would have spent more than a sad childhood. The information is not very secure, but evidence about Princess Diana's unhappiness, who lived here in the quality of the wife of Prince Charles, are extremely high, the press of the time leisurely debating this subject. Ghetto known royal palace is now housing many family members of Windsor.

- British Museum

Housed in a beautiful Victorian building in the Greek style, with a facade similar to those of Greek temples, the museum houses some of the most important relics of humanity. For over 250 years here are exposed countless works of art. Base collection put it in 1753, Sir Hans Sloane, physician of Queen Anne and King George II, who donated antiques British nation. Since then it increased continuously heritage museum, including pieces very rare and valuable. These include Elgin group, consisting of a set of statues made of marble that had once adorned the Parthenon Athens. Here one can admire the Rosetta stone, discovered in 1799 in the Egyptian town Rosetta, which was carved around the year 196 BC a decree of Ptolemy V. Noting both its Egyptian hieroglyphs, and in Greek words, helped the French Egyptologist Jean-Franois Champollion to discover the key to deciphering ancient Egyptian writings. Besides antiques, museum also exhibits a vast collection of paintings depicting virtually any time and European school.

- Wives in series

Henry VIII (1491-1547) was crowned king of England in 1509. He pursued a policy of strengthening of absolutism, serving the interests of the bourgeoisie and the new nobility. When the Pope refused to annul the marriage to take Catherine d'Aragon, first wife, broke ties with the Roman Catholic church, laying the foundations Anglicanism. Obviously, it managed to escape the first wife, he married Anne Boleyn, who later became the mother of Elizabeth I. But Henry did not stop here, marrying it to the death of no less than six times.

- London, city of Pakistan

It knows how hard it is to emigrate to the United Kingdom. Pakistanis seem to ignore this reality, and they have a very well developed community in the capital London. This is because Pakistan was part until 1977, the Commonwealth, many of its citizens taking advantage of this opportunity to start a new life in the United-mother.

- British New Wave

London not tolerated very well thought of fashion is usually associated with capitals on the continent, so the counter thanks to its new school of fashion design. Despite the competition Emoticon poisoned in a short time, names like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood stormed the podiums of international fashion, proving that Britain has something to say in this area.

- Tower of London

The main body thereof, White Tower, was built during the reign of William the Conqueror. Later it was filled with more walls, with a height of 31 meters, and a defensive moat. Tower of London is included in group monarchical palaces, although no more considered as the time of Henry VII. Was closed, and mint royal menagerie, and now houses the precious jewels of the Crown, an extensive collection of metals and precious stones, each of the latter having its own story. Only crown used at the ceremony of appointment of Queen Victoria in 1838, includes about 3,000 gems, mostly diamonds and pearls. Initial jewelry was stored in the Martin Tower, but, after a bold attempt of theft, committed in 1671, were moved to the current body of the building. The White Tower, at ground floor, can be admired a vast collection of medieval armor and weapons.

- Tower Bridge


Despite its medieval appearance, London Bridge (or Bridge Tower) and just celebrated his centenary in June 1994. Built on a metallic frame dressed in stone, he was intentionally built in Gothic style to match the tower nearby. It is famous for its huge arms dump trucks, which amounted to allow passage of larger vessels. Now this happens quite rarely, but the times when traffic on the Thames was very intense, high-arm bridge is about five times a day.

- Cathedral St. Paul

Stunning beautiful cathedral St. Paul boasts the third largest dome in the world. It is masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723) and was completed in 1710, after 35 years of hard work. Inside, it is noted that the dome is much smaller than seen outside. In fact, between the two there is a space of about 18 m, where they built a brick cone, the end support. One of the main attractions of the cathedral is gallery + oaptelor, which is reached by climbing a spiral staircase of 259 steps. Here occurs one interesting acoustic phenomenon: every whisper uttered to one side of the wall is transmitted in one second the other side of it, at a distance of approximately 33 meters.

- Shakespearean Globe

By the Thames rises today Globe Theater, a faithful copy of the building with the roof open and where the great Will once put on stage plays. The new Globe was built in 1996, with materials and methods typical Elizabethan after the original (built in 1599) was destroyed in a fire in 1613. More than likely that if the playwright and could see the future in a crystal ball would not have thought it would become so famous.

- Macabre profitable

Figurines of wax museum is one of the busiest places in London. Madame Tussaud learned the craft that made it famous creating masks funeral for victims of the French Revolution and the first exhibition opened it in 1835. The success of this business lies in the pleasure of visitors to touch the wax copies of personalities such as Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, but Pierce Brosnan or the four Beatles. Note, however, entrance costs about 12.

- Diamond block of Prince Charles

The most famous and most expensive diamond in the world, Koh-i-Noor today beautifies the British crown. 108.93-carat stone is beautiful and ... a terrible story. Discovered in 1304, Koh-i-Noor has a reputation for any man who kills him mastery. For this reason, Queen Victoria, who came into possession of the diamond in 1849, they stipulated in his will that no British king is not allowed to touch the gem. So much for Prince Charles's luck ...

- Windsor

Located 34 km west of London, Windsor Castle hosting royal family since the XI century. Three centuries of the inauguration, Edward III renovated the old structure, built gate Norman, round tower and some new apartments. All his successors followed his example, adding something or changing existing building castle. Thus, the building became the original medieval palace fastuosul today, temporary residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, here there is a part of the Windsor family's art collection, containing paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck and Holbein, belonging to the great Leonardo da Vinci drawings, and more rare goblenuri. Remarkably, the Queen Mary dollhouse, a miniature building made with maximum attention to details, including a power plant and a water. In the castle chapel, dedicated to Saint George, are buried several monarchs, including polygamous include Henry VIII and George VI, father of the present British sovereign.

- Oxford

More than a university center, Oxford is one of the most beautiful cities of England. Excellent preserved, it is a conglomeration of narrow alleys, houses built of honey-colored stone and guarded by statues representing fantastic animals. University complex includes 40 independent colleges, the oldest of them (and all over the country) was founded in 1200. There is also Bodleian Library, one of the first libraries of the world, which opened its doors in 1602. On its shelves are sheltered from about 5 million rare books, among them an extremely valuable collection of manuscripts.

- Bath

Home spa resort of England, Bath is probably the best preserved and cities. Although founded in the first century BC by Romans, the settlement preserves its appearance of prosperity maximum age, registered in the eighteenth century. Tall and elegant houses, museums and its terraces reminiscent of the era in which there came to rest the British elite. Preserved Roman baths are excellent and, fed by springs today with an impressive flow and a temperature of 46.5 C.

Halta the zero meridian

Located in the London conurbation, about 8 km from downtown, Greenwich is the perfect example of small town state, but big on advice. Here goes the original meridian or prime meridian established by the international astronomy conference in 1884, depending on who set timezones. Thus came the famous formula GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) recorded at the zero meridian.

- Longevity monarchy

Born in 1926, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, we know that Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1952. Thus, it celebrated the jubilee in 2002, very fast. Sovereign in the age of 78 years but did not give any sign of fatigue, and if we think of his mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who died in March 2002, at not less than 101 years, this is not the wonder.

Cheers ... English

One can say that luck was born in England or even been naturalized here. A proof of this is destiny Invicibilei Armada, huge Spanish fleet sent in 1588 to fight the British. Elizabeth I and immediately put in motion buccaneers, but that, before giving over these vessels Philip II was captured by an awful storm, which has greatly thinned the ranks.

- Cambridge

Cradle of the two British universities, Cambridge and opened its doors to students since XIII century. A sign of gratitude, each generation of architects raised here many a group of buildings representing the spirit of the time, so, now, here are gathered the most beautiful buildings in all England. The largest complex of colleges, Trinity College, was founded by Henry VIII in 1546. It is distinguished by beautiful courtyard of the XVII century, where they raise a splendid library designed by Christopher Wren. Above the counters of the goalkeeper is the massive Great Tom, a large clock that announces the passing of each hour sound and that it could be admired him know in movies without fire. Among students of the college mark include Prince Charles, who attended in the '60s.

- Canterbury

Residence archbishop primate of the Anglican Church, Canterbury retains a charming medieval air. Here is found the most impressive, if not the most beautiful cathedral in England. Like other British churches, it was built in several stages between 1070 and 1503, reflecting different architectural styles, whose mixture of contributing to one of the most spectacular places of worship around the world. After martirizarea of Thomas Becket, in 1170, the cathedral became one of the main centers of pilgrimage in medieval Europe, a phenomenon best immortalized by Geoffrey Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales.

- Stratford-upon-Avon

Boom century XVI, Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of the great playwright William Shakespeare. Once, when the world not yet realized that here was born a genius, the settlement was known as handicraft and commercial center. Now here you can visit both the writer's house, and that of his wife, Anne Hathaway, in reality a straw-roofed hut, very picturesque. In cities there is a museum setting out costumes used in the BBC versions of Shakespeare's plays.

- Watchdogs of the monarchy

Thomas Becket (c. 1118-1170), Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of England, came into conflict with King Henry II Plantagenet, whose measures to limit the legal privileges of the church has canon law says otherwise. Will the king was more powerful, the Knights of the entourage that solving one problem may be the radical fashion.

- A charmed lance

Universal literature has not been the same after William Shakespeare (1564-1616) began writing. He whose name translates roughly by shake spear made to tremble all the cultural rules of the time in which to live and those that followed. He left behind 37 plays, of which 5 tragedies absolutely beautiful, and a series of sonnets of love of an amazing beauty.

- Insidious, but strong

This is the British nation, as he came buhul worldwide. In ancient Britannia Albion was called because of its white cliffs. Later, the nickname has grown slightly, becoming perfidy Albion. There are many facts that justify the title, but enough to remind bedding infested with typhus that British have generously gave indigenous Americans before they conquer and colonize their territories.

- York

Once the second city and the importance of English as population, York was more than 2000 years the capital of the North, playing a central role in British history so under his Romanian, as well as that of the Saxons and Vikings. Father present British sovereign, King George VI, said even at a time, the history of York is one and the same with that of England. Proof was founded splendid Gothic cathedral, medieval walls of defense and the labyrinth of streets that house the many pubs and teahouses. Two museums awaits visitors in York: one in history, housed in a former debtors prison (where he is exposed, among other things, the helmet of about 1,200 years old a soldier Anglo-Saxon) and a railway track, which bring together British National locomotives.

- Newcastle

Located in eastern Great Britain, the estuary of the river Tyne, Newcastle was founded by the Romans, but his first castle was built by the Normans. Prosperity has met in the nineteenth century, thanks to its natural wealth, especially coal deposits. In olden days, the city has preserved Hadrian's Wall, built by Roman legionaries in the region after visiting the emperor with the same name. High stone and earth, the wall has a length of 117 km and mark the time, the northern limit of the Roman Empire. 16 km from Newcastle to find open-air museum of the North of England, which illustrates the lifestyle of the locals, as it was in the early twentieth century. For air transport within the museum is a scenic tram era.

- Liverpool

The second port of the country, opening the Irish Sea, Liverpool were more than 200 years the starting point of wolves British high, glory has been built on slavery, trade and immigration. Although the early twentieth century suffered a clear decline, recent decades have proven to be beneficial for the city. Among its main attractions include the neo-Gothic cathedral of red sandstone, built between 1902 and 1978, being surpassed in size only once by three European churches.

- A different kind of pub

Though new places are perceived by some immature for British pubs are the local equivalent of the corner bodega, where the boys meet with a glass of beer.


- What is killing time?

With arrows, it seems that people responded the British Isles. Legend says that the game was invented during the war of 100 years, some English archers. Shelter from the rain in a barn, they began firing arrows into a hub, depending punctandu the rings of its trunk. Meanwhile, the arrows have become significantly smaller darts are today's favorite party-game of British and Irish pubs.

- Artists of yesterday

Who has not heard yet, Liverpool is the home town of Beatles most famous of the 60 British, who conquered with their songs including America. John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison have revolutionized the music industry world until John, the band leader, was assassinated in 1980 by a fan rather perplexed ...

- Scotland (overview), Edinburgh, Glasgow

Scotland land of castles: Despite being included in the same state, Scotland is completely different from England, and people make it their honor. Even if it was attached to the British Empire in 1603, the home of men with skirts and maintained its social and political time, and now having a separate legal and educational one. Furthermore, since July 1999, the Scottish Parliament has resumed work. Very picturesque, Scotland itself is a special tourist destination, booking many potential surprises its visitors.

- Edinburgh

Capital of Scotland is formed, in fact, two separate cities: the old and obviously not new, north of the old fortress built and designed by young architect James Craig. Location remains emblematic Edinburgh Castle, which dominates the old center with its haughty silhouette. This includes the venerable building of the settlement, St. Margaret Chapel, dating from the Eleventh Century, Crown Hall, which exposed local jewelry monarchy, and the apartments of Queen Mary, where sovereign Scotland gave birth to James VI of Scotland, the future James I of England. The newest is the official residence of Scottish monarchs Holyroodhouse Palace, originally built as a guesthouse for Abbey with the same name, founded in 1128 by King David I. Amended solid by Charles II in 1671, the castle exhibits present public a beautiful collection of paintings and tapestries.

- Glasgow

Located in north-west Scotland, the River Clyde, Glasgow has greatly expanded in the eighteenth century, because of the trade in textiles, sugar and tobacco. Besides being the largest ship builder in the region became an important cultural time. Gothic cathedral was built in XIII century, on an initial builded holy churches Mungo, where he was, in fact, his grave. In the city one can find Hunteriana Art Gallery, which is prone to a private collection containing British and Flemish paintings. Glasgow is the university center since 1451.


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