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Mini Class

All inclusive prices start with 15 E/Day

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Small Class

All inclusive prices start with 17 E/Day

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Style Class

All inclusive prices start with 19 E/Day

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Eco Class

All inclusive prices start with 20 E/Day

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Hatch Class

All inclusive prices start with 22 E/Day

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Economic Class

All inclusive prices start with 25 E/Day

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Sedan Class

All inclusive prices start with 30 E/Day

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Full Size Class

All inclusive prices start with 35 E/Day

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Premium Class

All inclusive prices start with 45 E/Day

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BMW Class

All inclusive prices start with 45 E/Day

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SUV Class

All inclusive prices start with 55 E/Day

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Deluxe Class

All inclusive prices start with 105 E/Day

Rent a Car in Germany

germany car rent


Germany, or in short Germany is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bordering the North Sea, Denmark, Baltic Sea, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Many of its attractions have been included on UNESCO's World Heritage list. Some of them are: Aachen, Residence in Wurzburg, Roman monuments, Cathedral Church of St. Peter and Our Lady of Tier, Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin, Cologne Cathedral, Old Center and Stadtamhof district of Regensburg and many others .


Capital city, Berlin is a green city with parks and canals surrounded by forest, with numerous palaces, over 170 museums and art galleries, theaters, operas, restaurants and PAB's. The most representative symbol of this is the Brandenburg Gate, built after the model Acropoli in Athens. Statue of peak, Quadriga, is a Victoria, goddess of peace, in a chariot drawn by four horses fight.


Gendarmenmarkt Square, is considered to be the most beautiful square in the capital. The market is the twin churches französischer Deutscher Dom and Dom, French cathedral, which houses a museum and the dome you can admire the city panorama.


Charlotteburg Palace is surrounded by impressive royal gardens. Around it are several buildings including: Belvedere, containing a collection of ceramics, Schinkel Pavilion, which houses collections of paintings and sclupturi and neoclassical Mausoleum, where the graves are of Queen Louise, King Friedrich Wilhelm III, the Empress Augusta and Emperor Wilhelm. Dahlem Museums, was a three-storey building that houses the image gallery, the Cabinet of Engravings, Indiana Art Museum, Ethnographic Museum and Gallery Sclupturi.


Hamburg is the largest port city in Germany and second in Europe after Rotterdam. Approximately 30 percent of the city area is covered with parks, green spaces, rural areas and protected natural reserves, making the green city of Hamburg in Germany. The city has over 64 km of canals and over 2,500 bridges. Day trips to cities Lubeck, Bremen or excursions of several days of relaxation centers in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The most representative symbols of the city are: Museum of Art and Industry, Port Hafen, Church and St. Michael's Rathaus, or City Hall.


The most famous is the Bavaria region of Germany. It offers unforgettable landscapes with alpine roads, famous thermal spas, medieval towns and natural attractions such as the Zugspitze. Capital Bundesland Bavaria, Munich is the third largest city in the country, after Berlin and Hamburg.


The most important museums in town are: Other Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek der Moderne and Pinkothek.


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