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Mini Class

All inclusive prices start with 15 E/Day

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Small Class

All inclusive prices start with 17 E/Day

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Style Class

All inclusive prices start with 19 E/Day

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Eco Class

All inclusive prices start with 20 E/Day

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Hatch Class

All inclusive prices start with 22 E/Day

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Economic Class

All inclusive prices start with 25 E/Day

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Sedan Class

All inclusive prices start with 30 E/Day

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Full Size Class

All inclusive prices start with 35 E/Day

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Premium Class

All inclusive prices start with 45 E/Day

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BMW Class

All inclusive prices start with 45 E/Day

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SUV Class

All inclusive prices start with 55 E/Day

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Deluxe Class

All inclusive prices start with 105 E/Day

Rent a car in Hungary

rent a car hungary


Hungary, Magyarorszag Hungarian, is located in Central. Its name comes from the old Turkish and translated by ten arrows. Budapest, Hungary's capital is divided by the Danube in Budapest, with medieval houses, churches and caterdrale and fever, with buildings that impress with architecture and grand boulevards. The second, Buda and Pest are linked by bridges 8.


Danube Panorama is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its sublime beauty, in those at night when everything is lit. Another attraction is the Margaret Island, known thanks to the largest outdoor pools in Budapest and because of the numerous possibilities for relaxation.


Panorama City and Margaret Island can be seen best during a walk on the Danube or night cruises. Unit 3600 is a walking during the day and HUF 4200 HUF at night. Royal Palace, is situated on Castle Hill, the location of city sightseeing. Currently it is located some cultural institutions and museums such as the Hungarian National Gallery, National Szechenyi Library, Museum of Contemporary Art and History Museum of Budapest. Matthias Church, as old as Palt Royal was the venue of several coronation ceremonies.


Around it, lies the Castle District, the most romantic pedestrian area of town, a medieval town, with streets, picturesque houses and numerous monuments. In Pest, the Parliament building is a symbol of Budapest, the most grandiose building of the city. This hosting two rooms called Upper House and Lower House, where they held sessions of both Chambers of Parliament.


Buildings Opera, is one of the most beautiful buildings of its kind in the world, built in Renaissance style, the main staircase and the auditorium was decorated with frescoes. Night life in Budapest is very dynamic, the most frequented areas are Market Franz List and Margaret Island. Other places worth visiting are: Fishermen's Bastion, Labyrinth of Buda Castle, Citadel and Statue of Liberty, Witches Hill, Castle Vajdahunyad and more. For those who like shopping, Central Market and Talcioc Ecser are ideal places.


Lake Balaton, called Ungureasca Sea, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, a paradise for water sports lovers and fishermen. Near it you can visit the ruins Balatonföldvár, now the residence of many artists. Hungaroring, known because Formula 1 circuit, is only 13 km from Budapest. The competition is held annually in August.


Godollo, e town where there Grassalkovich Palace, the largest in Hungary and home favorite of Queen Elizabeth in the XIX century. Visegrad spa town and became known because the city dating back to the Golden Age of King Matthias, the tower that you can admire the beautiful view of the Danube. Tourists can purchase their Budapest Card, as it offers free transportation and unlimited free entry to over 60 museums and tourist attractions, discount tickets to shows, restaurants and thermal baths, rooms for sports and more. Cards are valid 48 hours and costs about 4,500 forints, or 72 hours, at a price of 5,500 forints.


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