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Mini Class

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Small Class

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Style Class

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Eco Class

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Hatch Class

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Economic Class

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Sedan Class

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Full Size Class

All inclusive prices start with 35 E/Day

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Premium Class

All inclusive prices start with 45 E/Day

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BMW Class

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SUV Class

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Deluxe Class

All inclusive prices start with 105 E/Day



Form of government: constitutional monarchy 

Area: 41,526 sq km 

Population: 16,135,992 inhabitants 

Official language: Dutch 

Religion: Roman Catholic (36%), Protestant Reformed (20%); 

Capital: Amsterdam 

Currency: EUR 

Queen's Day: April 30 

Time Zone: GMT +1 

Internet domain:. Nl,. Eu (European Union area, of which Finland is a part) 

Area code: 0:31 


The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, a founding Member of the Benelux and the European Union. Netherlands are colloquially known as the Netherlands, a name which covers only a part of the country, namely the provinces of North Holland and South Holland. Residents of the Netherlands are called in English Dutch, names derived from Deutsch, meaning "German." Dutch Flat is German literary form, the dialect spoken in northern Germany. 

A quarter of the Netherlands lies below sea level with altitude, the state having the lowest elevation in the world. Also is one of the world's most populated countries. It is known for dikes, windmills and tulips, but its tolerance and socially. Is a member of NATO and EU. Its territory is situated the International Criminal Court. 


Location and neighborhood 

Holland is located in northwestern Europe, near the North Sea, Belgium and Germany, including the Netherlands with a few colonies. 



Netherlands sea conditions have tempered with cool summers and mild winters. Dutch climate is similar to that of England or Ireland, and rains are frequent temperatures vary throughout the year. The weather is so unpredictable traveler must be careful, because you can catch cool summer heat of a rain or a sudden drop in temperature. The cold period is from December to March, but is unlikely to snow. Fog is very common, especially in autumn and spring, and the air is relatively moist. Raincoat or umbrella is always indicated, as long as you are in Amsterdam. 



Country is flat, being on average almost 37 "above sea level. A large part of the land is below sea level, with attempts at recovery, protected by 1,500 miles of dikes. In the south of the country there are some hills. 




Holland, a surprising country, with a typical landscape and numerous attractions has been the subject of many paintings over time and other works of art. Thus, tourists will be pleasantly 

surprised to discover that the 12 Dutch provinces offer rich and vast forests, undulating hills with grape vines, stunning natural reserves, not least vast meadows full of colorful tulips famous. But the Netherlands means even more: the modern city combined with traditional villages, elegant boutiques and inviting cafes, museums today but rich in culture and the fascinating history. But culture is not found only in Holland more than 1,000 museums, but also the street where you will find hawker cheese, fish and other specific products, dressed in traditional costumes, from the youngest to the oldest. 


The country is divided into 12 provinces. Major cities are Amsterdam (capital), Assen, Zwolle, Arnhem, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. 

Amsterdam is the official capital under the Constitution. The Hague is the seat of government, the royal residence, and most embassies. 



Amsterdam is a beautiful city in the Netherlands with impressive architecture, lovely canals that cross the city, friendly people and where you can make all kinds of shopping. City satisfy the tastes of each passenger - whether it prefers the culture and history, parties, or just relaxing charm of an old town Committee. 

Spring is the best season of the year to visit the city. In April all the tulips are blooming. 

You can make a day trip to Keukenhof, the famous Dutch tulip garden on this occasion, you can visit other places in the west of the country. 

Many tourists visit Amsterdam to enjoy a more liberal attitude towards drugs, for example. It is true that selling marijuana and Hashish's been legalized. You can purchase the famous coffee shops. Unfortunately, to the detriment of others, some visitors take advantage of that freedom and I will not take the responsibility for their actions. In recent years, the city has made significant efforts to prevent such abuses and to maintain the same time comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. It is important to make a distinction between expressions Coffee Shop and Café, which is translated into Romanian language the same word: coffee. The first expression denotes a place that is allowed to smoke drugs, and second, a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. 


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