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Rent a Car in Poland

car rent poland


Poland, officially the Republic of Poland is positioned in Central Europe and is bordered by Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Ukraine and Belarus to the east, Lithuania, Russia and the Baltic Sea to the north.


The State and maritime borders with Denmark and Sweden. The objectives included on the UNESCO World Heritage list are old historical centers in Krakow, Warsaw, Zamosc, Torun, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Teutonic Order Castle in Malbork, Zebrydowska pilgrimage area, centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Muzakowski Park, Wooden Churches of Southern Little Poles , Churches of Peace in Jawor and Swidnica and Auschwitz-Birkenau.


Polish capital Warsaw is, its formal name is Stoleczne Miasto Warszawa. This is in Mazowse region, located in the center of the country. Cities in this area is rich in monuments, museums, hotels and inns. Capital is a famous city because of its indestructibilitatii. Although it was destroyed many times he managed to become one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


The Royal Palace was rebuilt after the original plans and hosts exhibitions and art galleries. Palace of Culture and Science, was built according to plan Lomonosov University of Moscow and due to its geographical location in the city center offers a wonderful view on it. Museum revolt is one of the most beautiful museums in Poland, providing details, about the tragic past of the country.


Market City is guarded by the statue of sirens, the symbol of Warsaw, this finding is many shops, souvenir stalls and rides can be a cart pulled by horses. Krakow, is a port town, one of the few places where works of art collected over time were not destroyed. Its name comes from Krak, a chief of a tribe in that place, which is said to have killed a dragon at the foot of the hill which is today the city Wawelun.


Wroclaw, is a city with a very troubled history, believed to be a copy in minuatura of Prague. Wawel Castle rises above the Vistula, the most beautiful and most visited architectural complex, which belongs to the former royal residences. Since it belongs Wawelska fortified cathedral. Between the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, the castle had the residential palace of the Polish monarchs, instead of the coronation of kings and necropolis.


Today houses the National Art Collection, consisting of fabrics and tapestries embroidered with gold thread, ceramics, a collection of weapons and treasure of the Crown. Wawelska Cathedral was the coronation site of Polish kings, Gothic church body is surrounded by 18 heads, Renaissance and Baroque style.


Cathedral is the largest bell in Poland, named the Sigismund 2 diameter, 48 m. Podkarpacie, is located in the southeast, at the foot of the Carpathians, being one of the most popular parts of Poland among tourists. Bieszczady Mountains and the Beskid Niski, forming massive Beskidy East, is very attractive because of the numerous hiking trails and beauty area.


Bieszczady National Park to see different species of lynx, bears, wolves, wild cats, birds and horses Hucul, favorite riding enthusiasts.


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